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How Recipe Box Brand Gousto Is Using AI To Push Ahead Of The Pack In 2020

Admin User/December 30, 2020
Organic SEO & Social Media/Creative & Content Strategy/Paid Media (Display & Social)/Web Development/Technology Innovation

Almost all of the major recipe box brands benefited and saw a rise in sales, but UK-based company Gousto stood out as a frontrunner, managing to maximise profits effectively through their ability to scale effectively and by using cutting-edge AI technology....

5 Things To Learn From IKEA's Marketing Strategy

Admin User/November 25, 2020
Branding & Design/Organic SEO & Social Media/Web Development

With stores in over 50 countries, IKEA has become synonymous with affordable, yet modernist ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories. Even if public opinion on the quality of their goods is somewhat divided, the company managed to attract more than 1 billion customers in 2019, and is considered one of the most recognisable brands globally....

How an Intuitive SEO Content Strategy Helped Houseplant Brand 'The Sill' Build A Horticulture Empire

Admin User/November 23, 2020
Creative & Content Strategy/Organic SEO & Social Media

As lockdowns were announced, one houseplant brand in particular, The Sill, managed to capitalise on their opportunity and push ahead of the competition, thanks to a user-focused SEO strategy and creative social media content....

How Gymshark’s Unique Influencer Marketing Helped Them To Become A Billion-Dollar Brand

Admin User/October 15, 2020
Affiliate & Partnership Marketing/Paid Media (Display & Social)/Creative & Content Strategy

UK fitness brand Gymshark grabbed headlines this year after it was announced that the company was being valued at over 1 billion dollars, making business leaders desperate to know the secret to the company’s astounding growth in a market that’s dominated by advertising giants like Nike and Adidas....

How Amazon and Google are Helping to Accelerate E-Commerce Growth

Admin User/June 12, 2020
PPC (Search Engine Advertising)

Following the cancellations of fashion weeks all over the globe, and the 75% drop in clothing retail stores sales across the US, Amazon recently announced its plans to create a digital store where high-end independent clothing designers could market their products....

Colourful and Creative: The Opportunities of Drag Content in Marketing

Admin User/May 29, 2020
Creative & Content Strategy/Affiliate & Partnership Marketing

The world of drag queens is now a multi-million dollar industry, with some drag queens now selling out venues as large as SSE Wembley Arena. There is a rich opportunity to expand this industry through digital marketing collaboration with brands, as well as the incorporation of “drag values” into creative marketing strategies. ...

How free and open-source fonts are changing how we design

Admin User/May 12, 2020
Branding & Design

As we all know, free font sites have been a common thing for some years now. But probably most people who did download a font from these sites have noticed that most of them have huge problems; including letter spacing, lack of weights, or no optimisation for use on the web....

Google Shopping supports small businesses by offering free product listings

Admin User/May 11, 2020
PPC (Search Engine Advertising)

Google has already implemented changes to it’s shopping platform in the United States and aims to implement the free listing feature globally by the end of the year. ...